Can I trust the Beauteologists coming to my house?

All of our Beauteologist are licensed by the State where they perform their duties.

Beauteologists go through a professional screening process when hired. Including criminal background checks.

We also ask Beauteologists for links to social media and Yelp to show their work and reviews.

Can I book a standing appointment?

SalonMom books within six hours on the day of the appointment as part of the “on demand” business model.

Where Is SalonMom Available?

The SalonMom services are currently available in the greater Los Angeles Region.

SalonMom comes to residential and commercial locations.

What credentials do the Beauteologist have?

They’re licensed by the state of California , yelp reviews, social media, salon experience and referrals.

Do all Beauteologist belong to a salon?

Some do and some don’t… they’re all experienced and licensed by the State.

Some Beauteologists can occasionally use the app and others may take on a full time independent contract status.

How much time do I have to cancel after making an appointment?

SalonMom is an on demand system. Our Beauteologists lose income when

cancellations occur and need to be compensated.

You have 5 minutes to cancel for a 100% refund. After 5 minutes clients will be charged 50% of the total service and any request for a last minute cancellation will be charged 100% of the total service booked .

Do the Beauteologists bring there own equipment?

Yes, SalonMom brings the salon experience to your home, office, hospital or hotel. Smocks, towels, tools,

products and power strips are provided.

All that the Beauteolgists needs is a sink to wash the hair, any chair and easy access to an available power outlet.

How do i know that the Beauteologist tools being used are clean?

We have special tools and our Beauteologists use to disinfect and sterilize between clients.

Do the Beauteologists accept cash?

No, SalonMom is a cashless transaction. However, tips may be given in cash.

The app is designed to cover everything carried out via the app.

What about parking?

When booking , we ask that you leave as much detailed information as possible and have

the proper parking permits available upon arrival.

How do I request a specific Beauteologist?

SalonMom is an on demand system of Beauteologists who are available in your immediate area. Beauteologists can be added to your favorites list and can be requested for same day service. If your desired professional is not available you can still request them and encourage them to sign in to the app.

Hours of operation?

As long as a Beauteologist is logged on, they are available.

SalonMom prices double as a sur charge between the hours of 12:00 midnight-6:00am.

Why are Beauteologists unavailable during the hours that they have listed as available?

Beauteologists may have been requested for that time period.

Our Beauteologists log on immediately after they have completed their service with the previous client if it is within their declared availability.

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